Fast, energetic, agile and active – this is Hovawart. Hovawart is ideal dog for families with children, for those who enjoy outdoor activities and fresh air. Walking in a city park or in a little park near the house, trips out of town to the cottage, rest on the kayak, winter holidays, in all this activities Hovawart will be happy to support his owner. For Hovawart does not exist greater pleasure than walking with his family. Hovawart temperamental on the outside, in a game, at work. And if you love water (river, sea, pond, etc.), then the best partner for swimming will be hard to find among other breeds. Hovawart swims fast and beautiful, swimming for him is a real holiday.

Hovawarts are endowed with tough nervous system, they are calm at home and never bother the family by “empty” barking for no particular reason. Hovawart barks only when he wants something to “tell” to the owner. Hovawart voice is loud and clear, even small puppies are capable to plunge into a panic any violator of your peace.

Hovawart is a dog-companion, and we must also take into account the fact that for Hovawart is the best to be near his master, he is ready to be with you in the garden and sleep at your feet when you’re working on a computer, he is ready to watch with your TV and run in the mornings. Hovawart fully demonstrate all the advantages of their breed, when he can live in close contact with its master.

I truly love my Hoviks, for their cheerful, mischievous character. They love to play, mischief, turning somersaults in the grass, jump and run around like children. In this they are truly indefatigable. Neither rain, nor snow can stop their fun. Of course, a special joy for Hovik is a walk in nature. Forest, meadow, river – no matter where, importantly, free.

Hovawart is tough, he feels himself fine in heat and cold, fast and fearless. These dogs are obedient and easily traind, but still tend to take their own decisions and have their own opinion about everything what happens around. Hovawart must necessarily undergo a course of training, if you do not want to live in society with “evil genius”.

Hovawarts live long. With good care and suitable conditions of life, Hovawart lives about 12-15 years. If the natural capacities are in harmony with a good education, the Hovawart is calm, loyal companion, always ready to share in your grief and joy. The only thing that is totally unsuitable for Hovawart when it lives on a chain or even in the aviary, I am against Hovawart living in the aviary. Yes, it’s not a chain, but agree that it is neither home with his family. Do you yourself spend so much time in a cage, like your pet? Of course not. I am sure that the force of mutual affection that the owner has with any dog is much more strong in a situation when your pet is living with you under one roof. And any Hovawart does not like loneliness and isolation from the owner. In addition, it should be noted that the Hovawart refers to the number of breeds that are “convenient” contain in the house: not too big to occupy all available space, not as hairy, to leave his coat on all that surrounds him. Even many of the short-haired breeds leave a lot more hair than Hovawart. Hovawart has no explicit specific smell, like many other breeds. With proper care, a place where you live with your pet Hovawart, will never have any “dog” smell. Our German shepherd in this sense more problematic.

Very loyal to his masters, Hovawart is an excellent family dog. Hovawart will protect his family in any circumstances, Expressing a particularly strong attachment to the children.